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In honor of Halloween, I’m re-posting a true story I told on my blog a few years back. It goes like this:   There might have been a ghost and there might not have been. You can decide which option … Continue reading

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I don’t work in retail because I generally dislike people. Or at least shoppers. No, probably just people. My sister, on the other hand, is much nicer than I am. She manages a Barnes & Noble, and not once has … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, friends. Imagine me typing away in truly gruesome zombie makeup and a skimpy zombie getup (because rotting flesh is always sexy on October 31). I love Halloween. I love being scared. I love being scared because I’m generally … Continue reading

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Oh look, it’s Tuesday. Which means, according to the blogfest’s bylaws and constitution and instruction manual, I’m supposed to tell you about myself today. Something you don’t already know, which means no talk of my grace and charm. (Ha!) Hmmm… … Continue reading

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Today marks the start of the month-long Blog Me MAYbe blogfest, in which you blog more often, have more fun, and never run out of blog post ideas. Four out of five doctors surveyed said the blogfest reduces weight by … Continue reading

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