Ready, Set, Write! (Or, More Accurately: Ready, Set, Keep Brainstorming And Maybe You’ll Get There!)

Hello, Internet peoples.
Funny meeting you here. I was just saying how my blog’s been sort of a ghost town since my wrists started hurting and I took a little hiatus from posting. This is what getting old looks like.
I suggest you avoid it.
Anyhow, I’m still doing Ready, Set, Write, though I’m going about as fast as a snail stuck in tar. So I’m ditching the goals I set back when I thought my wrist pain would go away quickly and adopting a “do as much of this as you can before your wrists begin to throb” mentality. I’m sure my doctor would approve.
Speaking of my doctor, the good news is that I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome. I hear that’s a beast to beat. The doctor’s not exactly sure what I have, but she thinks it might either be inflammation in the wrist joint (you know, that little dip just above your wrist bones) or tendonitis. I’m on anti-inflammatories now, so cross your fingers it kicks this pain so I can write for longer than five minutes at a time.
Anyhow, because of all of this wrist nonsense, I still haven’t finished world-building my fantasy story. YES, THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT. WOULD I KID YOU ABOUT THIS? NO, I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT. I did say I was going slow…
Anyhow, this week I’m hoping to finish brainstorming and writing out the social structure for my four kingdoms.
Because I’m just world-building and brainstorming the plot, I don’t have a line to share. How about a photo that inspired my main character, Asta?

How are your writing projects coming along?
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