The In Between

The first draft is done. Those words flew out my brain almost faster than I can type. (Almost. I’m a speedy typist.) And now…
… I wait.
… I congratulate myself.
… I tell my sister.
… I tell The Man.
… we do a happy dance.
… I eat an extra dessert.
… I decide that one scene needs to be longer.
… and the scene where you-know-who does you-know-what needs to go.
… I realize there are a lot of blanks I’m going to need to fill in.
… I understand that my love interest is boring.
… and I need to give him more of a personality.
… if I bother editing.
… this sucks.
Right. So I’m going through the in-between moment where I’m staying away from my WIP for several weeks. Yet it’s constantly in my head, which is annoying at times. (Like when someone’s trying to have a real conversation with me and that someone expects a response.) It’s at this time that the self-doubt sets in.
Maybe it’s horrible. Maybe it’s boring. Maybe it’s the most horrible and most boring novel EVER WRITTEN!!!! (Yes, that’s a four exclamation point kind of emotion.) Then I realize that 1) Walden is the most boring book ever written and I’m sorry if you love Henry David Thoreau, but it’s a fact. And 2) I must write better than a celebrity (coughcoughSnookicoughcough) and I feel better.
And then my sister says she loves it. And I feel a lot better. Even if it’s just my sister.
I will edit this. I will right the wrongs. I will add and subtract and dish out personalities like Halloween candy.
What do you during your In Between? Read? Start another story? Watch bad TV? Hibernate?
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